About Southeastern Growers, Inc.

Southeastern Growers has always been in the forefront of the ever-changing green industry. As a wholesale provider of various trees, the business prides itself on using the most modern and progressive techniques available. Keeping the earth green and thriving is more important now than ever and the business is always taking extra steps to ensure the quality of their trees. From enhancing roots to cultivating and choosing superior liners, Southeastern Growers provides you with the crucial first step you need to propagate trees on your property.

Port4The importance of propagated or container trees cannot be overstated. They essentially work as landscaping tools, helping to combat the effects of logging and, quite simply, increase the amount of trees in spaces that suffer from deforestation or cramped quarters. Excessive tree removal can disrupt agriculture and natural wildlife, enable soil erosion, and contribute to dangerous climate change, to name a few downsides.The introduction of more trees into any environment improves air quality, supports the habitats of more species, and preserves the soil in which it takes root.

Container trees let green business owners– and any individuals who are environmentally conscious– increase the dispersal and volume of plants around their properties. Southeastern Growers’ exceptional propagation process perpetuates the various cultivars selected by the farm. These cultivars can be specially chosen to fit every landscaper’s needs; for example, some container trees are more adaptable to tougher urban circumstances, so they are the ideal solution for green developers in metropolitan spaces.

Southeastern Growers offers a variety of quality container trees, with container sizes ranging from 15 gallons to 100 gallons.