Planting Bulbs In Containers

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Container gardening can start with transferring your favorite plants into your choice of pot or container and maintaining it as necessary. OR, you can grow a plant by cultivating a bulb, growing your own flower, herb, fern, etc. from bulb to bloom – start to finish!

When considering planting bulbs, there are a few things to keep in mind: when, where, and how to plant the bulbs…


Since you are planting indoors and in a container, you have ultimate flexibility when it comes to when you can plant and grow. Usually, when planting bulbs outdoors, you should be considering when those plants will be blooming. You do not have this concern with indoor growing, however, some bulbs do require chilling before planting in order to properly sprout and grow. Make sure you find out the necessary course of action with whatever bulb you plan on growing indoors.


While planting bulbs in containers adds convenience to your gardening, there are still some stipulations you must adhere to. Some bulbs thrive in warm, sunny areas with great drainage; other bulbs may require cooler, more moist soil. So, while you can basically plant any time of the year with indoor container gardening, it is recommended to provide your plants with their ideal growing environment.


The majority of bulbs grow perfectly in containers, but there are some things you should keep in mind when cultivating your indoor garden.

  • Plant the bulbs deep enough (three times the bulb’s size) and one bulb (width) apart
  • Once your plant has grown, water it regularly (or as directed). Once the plant begins to wilt and enter dormant season, you can decrease watering (not entirely), but not enough to let it dry out completely.
  • Feed your bulbs with a liquid tomato feed (high-potassium) to ensure good blooms year after year, season after season.