Pot Plant Containers: An Introduction

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So you’ve decided to plant your garden in pots. But, you go to buy them and there are so many different kinds to choose from! How do you decide?

Here is a breakdown of what types of planting pots are out there and which ones work best for what.

Light Colored Plastic Pots: cheap, heat up and cool down quickly, often many drainage holes, easy to add holes in, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, keep moisture inside

Black Plastic Pots: heat up very quickly, good for plants in the shade

White Polystyrene Boxes: amazing insulation, very cheap, readily available, deep for root growth, lightweight, durable, easy to clean

Terracotta, ceramic, and concrete: visually appealing, needs to be modified for better drainage, retains heat

Stone Containers: very attractive, sturdy, retains heat, environmentally friendly

Self-Watering Pots: great for hanging plants that dry out quickly, lightweight, time-saving, great for busy people

Wooden Boxes: light to mid weight, have a lot of character, functional, customizable, great insulation

Metal Containers: decorative, durable, not great for insulation, often used to hide other less-attractive pots.

Grow Bags: new to the market, handles make them easy to move, UV resistant, compact, great drainage